Are you looking for a bootcamp in Amsterdam oost where you can train your body with your own body weight? I offer an intensive outdoor training program with numerous creative exercises. During these trainings you will complete sixty minutes of training. Expect a lot of fun  ! !


During this intensive training method we will start with circuit training, interval training, strength training, speed and improving your overal health. We will be doing exercises like jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups, squats, burpees and crunches.


Lose weight quickly and get fit with bootcamp! We train every muscle in your body, because that really gives you a good feeling. Bootcamp from Fitness Academy Amsterdam is the ideal workout for your body, legs and arms.

bootcamp amsterdam oost



Bootcamp is incredibly popular. For a number of years you have seen groups everywhere in the Amsterdam parks. I think it’s most important that you can exercise safely. That means that doing the exercises correctly is essential for me.


By doing the exercises correctly, your sporting development goes faster and of course it also ensures that you remain injury-free. You can develop faster and make more progress in your health long term wise


Why choose Bootcamp Amsterdam Oost?


All bootcamp training courses are suitable for all levels and ages. In case of an injury, it is wise to first discuss with Nana. After a serious injury,  personal training may be a better choice.


♥ Your core is getting stronger


♥ You get a greater endurance


♥ You get more strength


♥ Your body becomes more flexible


♥ You get a calm mind, by exercising the stress out of your system


♥ It is an overall boost for your social strength


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