Mommy Bootcamp in Amsterdam

mommy bootcamp in amsterdamMommy Bootcamp in Amsterdam is an outdoor group lesson for (pregnant) mommy’s. The lessons are suitable and safe during all pregnancy trimesters. All exercises are customized for mommy’s and mommy’s to be. In addition, the lessons are also suitable if you want to build up condition and strength before giving birth.
All lessons take place in open air in various parks in Amsterdam. Just bring your smile and happy vibe with you! The group lessons are given by Nana, an experienced mommy trainer.


Sports after your pregnancy 


Risk of injuries are present after giving birth to your baby. The mommy bootcamp training courses are therefore focused on recovery of your body. For example we focus on recovery of your abdominal muscles. We will do exercises to become stronger, because your baby is getting heavier with time. You must therefore become stronger! Fitness Academy Amsterdam has developed a special training program with fine exercises.



When to start?


You can start exercising after giving birth. From six weeks onwards you can start exercising at ease without doing heavy exercises. From eight weeks onwards you can start bootcamping again, with the recovery of your diastase in mind. The straight abdominal muscles made room for the growing baby in your belly. Nana can check how much diastase you have. You can exercise with diastase, but we will customize the exercises for you. From 12 weeks onwards you can start to build up running with our help.


Bring your baby to the mommy bootcamp in Amsterdam! Nothing is more fun than exercising with your little one. And you can repeat the exercises from the lesson at home too! If you prefer to exercise without your baby, that is of course also possible.


Why Mommy Bootcamp in Amsterdam


♥ Qualified trainer
♥ Workout in open air
♥ Together with your baby
♥ Safe way to train
♥ Sport with other mothers (permanent group)
♥ Build up condition during pregnancy and keep it after giving birth
♥ Faster recovery after giving birth
♥ Get a stronger body to carry your baby around
♥ Collaborations with midwives and pelvic physiotherapists
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