Personal Training

In need of Personal Training? Are you looking for a one-on-one based trainer? You want maximum result?

Personal training at Fitness Academy Amsterdam is based on individuality. Every person is different; therefore everyone’s needs are also different. Your goals and personality are key. Do you want to improve your overal health of be summer fit and bikini ready? You can inform us about your goal or decide with Nana what your goal will be.

With good communication and an open mind we will create a program for your needs and style.


As a quality Personal Trainer I watch client closely to correct technique errors, maintain his/her safety and prevent overexertion. Since my trainings are given outside and at the gym I keep a close eye on the enviroment to watch for dangers.

Personal training

Personal Training

I am a big fan of training with your own body weight so also try my Bootcamp; it gives a great new boost for your training schedule. Not only the physical but also all the mental aspects are being weighed before, during and after the training. With my previous Pharmaceutical background I have the medical knowledge to prevent injuries.

We will train in the Amsterdam parks. I find it important to be outside. It gives you peace and quitness. The fresh air helps your mind relax.

These mental aspects of the training are an important part of Fitness Academy Amsterdam. Because mind and body are one. To help you more with these aspects I have completed the study for Lifestyle Coach.

Do you want next to personal training to do more training? Give yourself an extra boost with doing one of my group bootcamps.

Why choose personal training?

Personal training suitable for every level. All training is done by Nana.

♥ Customized training

♥ Train with one trainer

♥ Train when it suits you

♥ Choose for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes

♥ Let’s train outside!

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